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As you step into your private enclave, a bespoke art piece awaits you.

  • One Draycott Living Hall
    Each balcony has collapsible perforated screens that allow for a flexible living space.

Interwoven geometric engravings adorn the Lucerna stone panels of a wall installation while the entrance door features oak facets which have been individually handcrafted and stained to create a unique patterned design. These art pieces have been specifically commissioned for each home by Anna and David Hiscock.


SDB also commissioned the services of Anna and David Hiscock to bring their inimitable style of functional art to One Draycott. 

One Draycott The Art of Anna David 3
One Draycott The Art of Anna David 1
the art of anna david

David works on the interwoven steel and stone entrance gate.

One Draycott Interior 3

The Hiscocks’ geometric gate, interwoven with fine steel and polished cubetti – small cubes of Lucerna stones extracted from the foot of the Italian Alps – greet residents at the lobby.

One Draycott Circular Sculpture

The circular sculpture at the drop-off area is made from Lucerna stones that have been hand-cut by Italian stonecutters to resemble the scales of a pangolin.

Anna and David also handcrafted the wall installation and oak facets at the timber door located at the private lift lobby of each home.

One Draycott oak facets timber door

The oak facets for the timber door are individually handcrafted. 

One Draycott oak facets timber door 3
The Art By Anna and David Hiscock
One Draycott oak facets timber door 2

Wood stain is used to enhance the oak’s characteristic grain.


Anna and David Hiscock – long-standing practitioners of British fine art and design, share a respect for the life and character of materials and the value of craft. One of David’s multiple talents include photography. He has worked with Donna Karan, Paul McCartney and Conde Nast and has had his work exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Anna has a background in fashion and jewellery design and has worked with Swarovski, Harrods, and Puma with Alexander McQueen.
Selangor Dredging Berhad has been working with the Hiscocks for the past 10 years. This creative partnership has brought to life an array of large-scale sculptures, photography works, paintings, interior design, furniture and architectural finishes and detailing.

Last Updated: 27th February 2024

One Draycott is a future residential development in Singapore, located right next to the iconic Orchard Road shopping district. It’s a lavish, modern development that promises to be the greatest urban living experience. Here, we will discuss the various features and amenities made available from One Draycott and why it is a superb investment opportunity. So, let’s dive right in!

Introducing One Draycott Located right at the centre of Singapore’s bustling Orchard Road district, One Draycott is the perfect luxury condominium development to call home. With its stylish and contemporary design, there’s something for all in these luxurious floor plans; whatever lifestyle you might have. All units come built with top-notch amenities ensuring that you live in comfort and ease. Discover all that One Draycott is offering today – a unique blend of luxury lifestyle and urban convenience.The One Draycott Floor Plan offers a variety of luxurious two bedroom units – all designed with contemporary aesthetics and modern comforts. Each unit has been created to make sure maximum comfort, convenience, and style. Whether you’re looking for a one bedroom apartment or perhaps a sprawling four-bedroom condo, the One Draycott Floor Plan has something for everybody!
However, the amenities provided by a One Draycott Floor Plan are what truly set it apart. Residents have access to an swimming pool, fitness centre, and 24-hour concierge service to really perfect their luxury living experience. These added touches produce a dwelling at One Draycott truly special.

Luxury Living at One Draycott The One Draycott floor plan is good for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle. Each suite offers lots of space to savor, as well as top-of-the-line amenities to produce your stay even more comfortable. Plus, you’ll have unparalleled views of Singapore from the terrace – something that’s truly breathtaking. With the One Draycott floor plan, you can experience the very best of city living in style and sophistication! The One Draycott floor plan is great for couples or small families buying luxurious living environment. With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the machine provides modern living, rendering it great for those wanting a high-end lifestyle with room to grow. The thoughtfully designed space will make you feel right at home very quickly!
Meanwhile, residents of the One Draycott Floor Plan get to see luxurious coping with exclusive privileges like use of an extravagant swimming pool and a 24-hour concierge service. This high quality lifestyle is not accessible somewhere else in the region, making One Draycott a great place for those seeking at the very top experience.

Floor Plans and Available Units The One Draycott is a stylish residential development with floor plans that offer plenty of space and options, ranging two-bedroom units. Whether you’re buying a cozy place for yourself or the right home for a family group, it’s something for everyone. You are able to choose between studio apartments, one bedroom units and two bedroom apartments; ideal choices regardless of your lifestyle needs!The One Draycott floor plan is luxurious living at its finest! Each unit has a roomy living area, designed with modern comforts at heart and a kitchen featuring the newest stainless appliances. To top it off, the large balcony provides an ideal area for outdoor entertaining or simply to absorb the sunshine. If you’re looking for high-end accommodation with all the bells and whistles, then One Draycott is certainly worthwhile considering!
Again, the One Draycott floor plan features a range of luxurious amenities that you could enjoy such as a swimming pool, gym and clubhouse. All these facilities come included in your investment package to make sure that you obtain the most from the purchase. This really is a great plan for people searching for an exclusive and sophisticated lifestyle.

Amenities at One Draycott Residences The One Draycott Residences floor plan truly is something special. Have a luxurious selection of amenities, such as the sparkling swimming pool and tennis court in addition to the fully-equipped gymnasium. Whether you wish to take a dip or hit the courts, One Draycott provides an ideal environment. It has all you need for an active lifestyle while maintaining your laid-back luxury feel.If you’re trying to find luxury living, then the One Draycott Floor Plan is right up your alley. This upscale residential complex offers spacious and modern units, along with a full-service concierge and valet service for convenient living. With each one of these amenities in a single place, it’s not surprising that floor plan is in high demand!
Additionally, the One Draycott Floor Plan allows residents to have the town life by having an open-air rooftop terrace featuring picturesque views of the city and the stunning city skyline. This is a rare opportunity for those seeking luxury condominium living in prime district 10.

Exclusivity at One Draycott One Draycott floor plan provides a unique, exclusive living experience. With only 64 homes available it gives a luxury lifestyle that will only be matched by few. Residents of One Draycott will surely take pleasure in the privacy and exclusivity with this incredible residence.For those looking for a premium living experience, the One Draycott floor plan will certainly impress. With plenty of room for residents to relax and unwind in their own space, additionally, it provides added security with 24-hour security guards and CCTV surveillance so you can feel secure in your new home. Don’t overlook the ability to reside in this luxurious complex.
Meanwhile, the One Draycott Floor Plan is really extraordinary in providing a selection of exclusive facilities and amenities. Its private elevators, modern gym and lavish pool offer an unparalleled level of convenience, luxury and privacy. An irresistible combination for those looking to make their residential dreams come true.

Investing in a Home at One Draycott The One Draycott Floor Plan is actually luxurious, located in the bustling heart of Singapore’s Orchard Road. It gives many luxurious amenities such as pool, a 24-hour concierge service and a fitness centre – all for the convenience. Using its strategic location, you can benefit from the capability of dining and shopping right at your doorstep. Buying One Draycott is definitely an investment worth taking into consideration! One Draycott Floor Plan is the right place to invest in luxury and sophistication. Its elegant design and advanced smart home features offer an unparalleled experience for the discerning homebuyer. From spacious living areas to modern kitchens, beautiful bedrooms and expansive balconies, One Draycott has everything required for a really luxurious lifestyle. And having its state-of-the-art security systems and automated appliances, it’s never been easier to enjoy a safe and comfortable home environment. Invest in One Draycott today – oahu is the perfect destination for a call your personal!
Also, the One Draycott Floor Plan offers a variety of amenities from the swimming pool to gym to spa areas, providing residents with an unparalleled lifestyle experience. This use of top-notch facilities makes living at One Draycott much more enjoyable.

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⭐️ Premium Finishing
⭐️ Commissioned by Anna and David Hiscock
⭐️ Bespoke Art Piece At Each Home
⭐️ Handcrafted Wall Installation and Oak Facets at Timber Door
⭐️ Circular Sculpture made of Lucerna Stones